When is the most effective time to advertise on Facebook ?

 Are currently wondering when to most effectively interact with users on FACEBOOK? Right now , we are going to explore the practical advertising experience on Facebook below! According to a recent report by Adobe, Facebook users interacted more with the news and ads of many brands on social websites on Friday than the other days of the week.

Adobe has analyzed the interaction of Facebook users with ads and news stories on Facebook in the first quarter of this year. The results showed that 15.7% of the user’s impression sign (impression) from advertising and news stories in the quarter occurred on Friday. This is followed by Thursday with the impression rate OF 14,5%, while Sunday only took the lowest percentage was 13.4%.

On the other hand, nearly 25% (24.7%) of the video advertisement views of the brands occurs on Friday, while Sunday still achieved the same lowest rate which was 9.7%. Here are some the other findings from the report of Adobe. The rate of interaction typed by date: Friday reached the highest interaction rate, the different interaction of Facebook users (such as commenting, loving, sharing) also achieved the highest percentage compared to the other days.

The details were as followS: The rate of interaction typed by date - First quarter - 2014 The Impression of proportion and interaction for ads and news on Facebook – First quater-2014 The view percentage of the ads video on Facebook - first quarter - 2014 The rate of interaction typed by date - First quarter – 2014

The Interaction rate typed by information that posted on Facebook in the first quarter - 2013 and first quarter - 2014