Tom Brady responds to Rob Gronkowski saying Patriots aren't ‘happy' after wins

During the Fox Sports broadcast on Sunday, former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski raised some eyebrows when he talked about the culture in Foxboro not being fun, even after wins.

* It's like, ‘Yo, you guys are 9-1.' That's the one part I don't miss about being there,” Gronkowski said. * Hands down, I'm not going to lie. I don't miss that. They're frustrated. They're 9-1. They win a game against Philly last week. We lost to them two years ago in the Super Bowl. They should be happy. Instead, you're sitting there Sunday night like, ‘What did I do wrong?' No, that's not the feeling you should have. You should be pumped about the win. Yeah you might not have put up the big offensive numbers that you put up but you won the game. Enjoy it, go out the next week and build off of it.”

Did Tom Brady agree with Gronk's take?

The Patriots quarterback was asked about his former tight end's remarks during his weekly interview on Westwood One Sports radio with Jim Gray Monday night. Brady didn't necessarily agree or disagree. He offered perspective.

* I think there's a lot of emotions that I feel, both positive and things that can be critical after a game,” said Brady. * Depending on when you catch me is probably when you're going to recognize what emotion I'm feeling at that particular time. But I've been playing football for 20 years, and there's a lot of different emotions over the course of a season. There's a lot of joy in winning, there's a lot of frustration in a football season. There's disappointment, there's elation, there's perspective and gratitude and appreciation.

* I think all those things balance each other out,” Brady continued. * You're not going to go through five blissful months of emotions during football season. It's going to be challenging at times, and there's going to be moments where you have to dig deep and find your mental toughness and everyone has different experiences and deals with them in different ways.”

Brady was also asked about Gronkowski specifically, given he's now put all the comeback rumors to rest. He had nothing but praise for his former teammate.

* Rob was one of the great teammates I've ever had,” Brady said. * He's one of the most consistently optimistic people that I've been around. He played with a great love for the game, and I'm happy to see him happy now and enjoying the things that he's doing in his life.”