Tips for Google to index articles quickly

what is the best time on Google to index an article to help you do affiliate marketing is the question many people ask. The common answer is: it depends on many factors, common to the newly formed blog, time index entries range from 3-4 days, indeed a period not shorter. This will affect the SEO for your blog, especially for those who take part in making money online with an affiliate.

Try to think what would happen if the product launch date passes, but your article has not yet indexed brain? Some news sites, event, or blog senior and famous time index relatively quickly, usually within minutes after they were published on google index. Patience is a key factor to success in blogging, if you recently started a blog, then having to wait several days for a new post's google index is inevitable, but a few tips below will help your blog index faster and you do not have to wait long to see the article shares appear on google.

1. Comment on blogs on a regular basis. COMMENTING ON OTHER BLOGS is a good habit that bloggers should have. COMMENTING ON BLOGS of the same theme will not only help you to have more friends, but also contributes to building backlinks and traffic.

When you comment, you should make valuable contributions -the reader will see the quality comment feel curious and visit your blog, thereby bringing new traffic source for blogs. Moreover, it is also the culture of a professional blogger. Do not spam comment, because your comment may be deleted by the administrator of the blog.

 2. Update and post regularly. Regularly update and post to your blog. Writing regularly will help google Crawer return more frequently to your blog whenever you change the contents of the article or new posts. From that article from your blog will be indexed much faster.

 3. Update Ping list whenever an article is published, the Ping service that you install in your wordpress will ping the SE. You have as many services Ping your blog index, the faster and also more traffic. Here is the link to download the free ping service, copy all of the item in the list to ping your Wordpress settings offline

 4. Use PuSHPress Plugin PuSHPress is a content plugin that helps you ping new articles quickly. After installation, support hub will be added to your wordpress blog. Whenever an article is published on the blog, the content of the article will be sent to the whole push (PubSubHubbub) Subscriber (Feedburner, Google Reader ...). This will help with faster article indexing.

 5. Use Tumbler blog Tumblr is a free blog service that can also help you more quickly index entries. You perform these steps: • Create a blog with Tumblr, and on the blog page for editing, customize it.

• Redirect your Tumblr blog to your blog.
• Start Reblogging or liking the other blog.

After about 20 - 25 times relogs or likes of the new posts will be indexed. I do not guarantee this method but it also helped a lot of bloggers index entries more quickly.


 Hopefully these 5 little secrets will help new bloggers somewhat more quickly index entries. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below offline. I will answer in the shortest time. Thank you and see you again in the following article.