Online business must start from the basic (root)

Online business must start from the "root". That means everything must set up from basic with slow speed. It like a tree, you must have to start with roots, trunk, leaves, flowers, and finally fruits.  
Most of you start the online business do not begin from "roots".


The picture above is the tree model of Online Marketing. I will analyze and instruct you how to make your online business become sustainable system.

I: Parts under the ground.

In this part, you have to focus on Research. What should you research? We have to study the products we are going to sell, how to choose hot products, tend to grow by the year, homogeneous products so much better, high. Who is our competitor? Which segments of market your potential customers are in?
The research is very important, and play important role in the success of the campaign, choosing the product is also extremely important, research the customer behavior and analysis your competitor. 

After you have researched the product selection, competitor analysis and customer behavior, you have to figure out a strategy for developing product. The strategy is to develop a brand for your product.

With offline you will spend a lot of money to PR brand products, but with online the cost is cheaper. First is create the brand, your product must be as good as possible.
Next you use Facebook with more than 34 million users, you run video ads on Facebook from ages 13-65 which have interactivity, bid for interaction can be about 1 dong. This is the fastest way to enhance your product brand up. Before running, create more Nick or asking anyone to comment, like, share, as much as possible. In this way, the brand reputation of your product will increase very fast.
Next you have to prepare the content, it is fascinating, the hypnotic Review article, subtle language. The content have to focus on the topic customer needed and your sharing is high value.

II: Parts on the ground.

The bottom part of the ground is the very important part, you set up as sustainable as possible. Next we will continue the above parts.
The first thing is a website which represents your company on the internet. And is the place you share useful information and sales.

In this part, you have to do the following:

Analyze how many people are searching monthly for your product on the Internet. 

What is the best way to develop a website that attracts customers, incremental conversion. 

Optimize website with standard SEO, friendly with google search engine. 

Optimize standard posts SEO Onpage. 

Declare website verification with google

Write Review Products to attract customers.

How to increase the rate of purchase on the website

What to do to have orders on Youtube without fee

Apply Zalo Marketing without fee

Email Marketing Skill to Increase Auto Sales 
Run google ad, increase orders with the lowest cost 

Create fanpage on Facebook by product, is over top google

Writing Skill Note Fanpage to be on top Google

This is what you have to do to sell on the internet successfully and sustainably. You have to apply well what I said above. It will be difficult for newbies to learn Marketing online.