Methods of making a newsletter attracting potential customers

Nowadays, newsletter is the basis of online marketing. Using blogs or social networks often aims to build a qualified database for potential customers. However, to attract and keep our customers, we should use qualified newsletters regularly.
Marketing emails is also a kind of probing, selling and keeping channel with … despite of attaching to spams and disturbance, etc. 
So, how to attract potential customers and keep them by the time?

Terminal customer - Potential customer - Customer

Before processing newsletter operations, you should learn about the selling cycle to know what readers are waiting for, and then publish the content.
You should know that at the beginning, there are often all new customers, all strangers that was attracted by your blogs, websites or social networks. This step is often processed through email exchanging like instruction, free guide, discounted coupon, rights to access special contents and discuss on the webs, etc. However, terminal customers also face some spams, untrusted information mails, and some low-valued discount.
To turn terminal customers into potential customers, who are interested in products of businesses, we should:

Gain their trusts;
Attract them with the qualified information (content marketing);
Give suitable recommends to targeted customers

After a few months, potential customers will decide to become customers, because they:

Defined their personal demands

Understood that you can bring them solutions

Had enough time and affordability to buy

Thus, marketing contents and transmitting information are more important than giving discount away. It is because terminal customers are often not ready to buy products. A few of them define their own demands, or have enough time and affordability to make a decision rapidly. You need to build a trusted relationship and prove your abilities to let them decide to buy your products. Prospectively, some customers will become your businesses’ ambassadors - loyal customers introducing about your businesses.

The following is the “keeping” campaigns. This way is not important in France. The fight over customers is more costly than the “keeping”!
Hence, we should not use newsletter only for introducing about programs and information. We have to analyze results of sending e-mail as well as selling to give out the contents attracting customers’ attentions without being bored. For example, you can publish some instructions (of using and optimization, etc.) relating to a good they have just bought, instead of trying to sell the product as soon as possible. That is not mention to the newsletters designed for new-year holidays, carnivals and customers’ birthdays.

In case, if customers want to buy the products, newsletters should gain their trusts (confirmations from customers, payment tools, general conditions of selling and the guaranteed, etc.). Moreover, newsletters should encourage customers to buy through some processes (shipping support, refund regulations and amazing gifts, etc.). Customers will quickly make a decision if they are invited to use trials or receive a fascinating promotion. This selling process will shorter than sophisticated and expensive services.

Understanding the target and analyzing

You might be surprised why I haven’t mentioned the array of techniques yet, but an effective newsletter will operate mainly based on:

- Identifying specific goals you towards
- Defining what you expect from
- Separating data sources as requirement (identify groups having shared characteristics or interests) to provide a relevant information to each commercial targets

The separation can be done via regions, ages, genders, hobbies, incomes, works, time and money for shopping, etc.  You can buy the available materials that was already separated (CCI and Kompass, etc.), or create your own icons on blogs, social networks and ads, etc.

Today, personalization is critical to:

- Help email able to pass through anti-spam filters;
- Attract the attention of customers in front of a huge amount of email.


- Demonstrate that you understand the readers;
- Give suitable advices and products /services; 
- Avoid generic things

For example, when you sold haircutter, do not offer all parameters instantly:

- Point out advantages of haircutter (lightweight; easy to use and preserve, etc.)
- Recommend handed haircutter to clients having a narrow house (no wires and no noise, etc.)
- Introduce the most modern haircutter to young male customers, emphasizing the technical characteristics and so on.

Note: The simple examples help to explain the main principle!

The more you personalize your advertising to each specific customer, the more you increase your sales. It is because the readers will feel that you understand them and feel respected. They will think that you have spent the time to learn about them and prepared the things you would recommend to help them avoid waste of not only time but also money.

Identify appropriate groups and sent mails

Some information about the techniques

To attract potential customers, your newsletter must be done well through some the stages:
- Technique
- Illustration
- Content (texts and images)

Selection of suitable alternatives

Please specify your demands (number, frequency of mailing and prudential requirements or special selection needs, etc.) to select the corresponding options. With special expectations, writing information mails should often be from the third-parties, because passing anti-spam filters are complicated things (mainly to control the quality of contents, to have the chosen optimized individuals or more accurate data). If not, choose a quality solution and have fees. There is a selection guide below.

With the usual needs, select an option:

- Quality assurance (appropriately designing, choosing illustration, personalizing contents and ensuring the safety, etc.);
- Advanced (be careful with the free plan because they can become more expensive than any other particular methods);
- An appropriate tool to support if you have not mastered it (video and forums, etc.);
- Relatively comprehensive in order to operate with other tools.

I insist on this important point. For instance, I am using Mailpoet (familiar schemes and free) for my blog (with WordPress plugins), and I feel very pleasure. I have decided because of willing to keep the contact information platform on the source containing my website. However, Mailpoet is less compatible with other useful tools to optimize newsletter such as templates plugins or buttons, etc. To find out a more comprehensive plan (but contains your contacts), you might think to Mailchimp.

This tool is free and compatible with most of the plugins and other tools. You can also use series of tools to help develop your own newsletter. Mailchimp will charge if the activity exceeds a certain limit; however, this is a good tool and easy to use. Otherwise, you can use Aweber (fee), is a more flexible tool and can be used in many different solutions.
Two important details to set up outgoing mail:

- Fill your name specifically in the “Sender” field so that customers can contact you.
- Selecting a professional email host: Avoid using Gmail and Cie, which may seem to be unprofessional and considered as spam


The key to attract potential clients:
- To be in compliance with graphic standards
- To use appropriate designs to each occasion: festivals, parties…
- To check if the design is appropriate and compatible with mobile devices such as telephones, tablets or not (which are used more and more in reading newsletters)
Theme and slogan:
Next we discuss on how to creative effectively for newsletters. Subject is the key: the subject will have a great influence on the recipient's decision to open an e-mail.
A few tips to have an effective Subject:

- If possible, add the recipient's name on, or their area, depending on the topic of the mail
- Put yourself in the position of the reader to choose the topic (solving one of their problem, answering an important question, giving an attractive proposal ...)
- Clear and concise content (100-120 characters)
- Not exaggerating about the content of mail, otherwise it may be blocked or frustrate the reader.
- Avoid using phrases which might be detected by anti-spam filters, which will reduce the value of your messages. For example: interests, emergency, euro, special, cash... You will find here a list of words to avoid.
- Do not overuse of capital letters, exclamation, icons...
In conclusion: Mention the interests of the reader right from the subject. Then explain the benefits of reading the mail in the slogan: to learn something useful, to receive discounts or incentives in certain time/limited quantities, to save time...
An example of an Yves Rocher ad: everything was clear right from the beginning of the newsletter
The content

Once our potential customers have paid their attention, we need to guide them to read newsletter to not offend them. Use these principles:
- Concise, understandable and illustration
- Each segment is equivalent to an idea
- Put the focus to the top of the mail, because the longer the content, the easier it will distract the readers
- Use headings, lists, bold letters to the make the article easier to read
- Create consistency throughout the letter (maximum 2 fonts, 2-3 colors)
- Check for spelling and grammar errors!

Images are important parts of the newsletter:

Select attractive photos (not damage the rights) and have author name if necessary;
Prioritize the smaller images because larger images may be considered spams and is difficult to download;
Give reasonable size images (compressed if possible) to load faster (for mobile);
Define what you expect from the readers; add at least an interactive call tool: call, save, order and download, etc. It should be clear, not so exaggerated exceed. Please prepare a landing page if necessary to take the readers directly to the theme of the letter instead of the usual homepage;
Please mention the core, should not be too wordy: create a newsletter via a topic or a specific purpose;
Finally, test the newsletter carefully before sending it to check that everything is displayed properly.

Additional information important

When you make a newsletter, you need to follow the laws and declare with the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms.

Do not forget:

Fill in the contact section to avoid spams, and create confidence for the newsletter (issuer-mail must be identified);
Unsubscribed link (required);
The ability to read the newsletter in your browser
The outside share button
The links toward your websites, blogs or social networks.
In conclusion, obey the rules ever since you embarked on: do not send too many emails to readers! And if you have the promise of a regular mailing frequency, keep the words: it is important not to discredit the business as well as make the reader bored. Most of the unsubscribed messages are due to excessive and continuous sending.
Now you've created an effective newsletter helping attract potential customers!