How to put your website on top Google?

Putting up top google web is effective measures to help you reach potential customers. Did you know over 90% of users worldwide use Google to search for information about a certain product? If customers now search Google products you on top. That's so amazing!

The process of putting online the top google. How to put your website on top Google? Here are the top web processes on Google you can reference.

First you must write articles with keyword search volume on Google certain. Google's free Keyword planner will help you. Then you have to write articles with SEO standards.

Here is a diagram of a standard for writing SEO Placing keywords in SEO On page:

• H1, H2, H3

• evenly from start to finish all, do not spam keywords

• Cards b, i, u, li, ul, alt ...

• The first 150 and last words

• Title and Description

Title: About 65 characters Description should be under 170 characters.

You should try to describe in the most attractive way possible, create the attraction at first sight. All items should be placed on the optimization seo. A keyword needs to be in bold, italics should appear near the top of the line.

In the following article I share with you how to write articles how SEO standards? Once you've got the next article to SEO standards to Google Index fastest article you follow these instructions. You give the article link in the box , Check the URL then click I''m not a robot and then click Submit.

Request Note: You must log on gmail beforehand. You can go to add Web Master tool-> Choose Google Webmaster Tools -> Select the web has added (Note: you must add to web web master tool ago) Then seek out and choose Crawl as Fetch as Google Next you Ping ping articles on tool. Here I introduce to you two tools Ping's

With Pingfarm you just added and select Mass Ping Url

With Ping you add the URL to Google as shown below in knocking capcha then click Send ping

Thus was completed the Ping

Now you will go on  Facebook links. These is very large page, about the very strong link. Every day you Faceboook link will increase your ranking quickly article

Also you can go to link up quality forum, participate in the forum post on the web Backlink pointing his major. Join buy high quality backlink related sites have PR 7,8,9 will rapidly increase in rank. You can find on

I HOPE THIS SMALL ARTICLE WILL HOPE YOU BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL. If you have any questions, comment below, and I will answer.