How to link many YouTube channels with a Google Adsense

Hi everybody!

After a series of posts on how to make money on Youtube, I will help you understand how to link many Youtube channels with a Google Adsense. You can create a lot of channels but Google Adsense account is limited. Therefore, you need to link multiple channels together with GA for easy.

However, I recommend that you should link the channels so that their content is one. Besides, you should not link the Re-up channel with GA. If you want to link the channels with GA, you should just link about 2-3 channels.

The best way to link many YouTube channels with the Google Adsense

First, need to have an Adsense account. Next, log into the channel that you need to link.

For example:

+ Gmail 1 is linked to Google Adsense.

+ Gmail 2 has a channel that you need to link to Google Adsense from Gmail 1.

Now, login on Gmail 2 that contains the linking channel. Below is a channel interface that will link to GA from Gmail 1.

Note: Although you have linked, the channels have to have enough 10,000 views so that you can turn on monetization.

Now, click on Video Manager -> Channel-> Monetization. Choose Enable. (If you don’t see Enable, you have to choose any country in the red frame so that you can see this button.)

When you click on there, you will see the following notification if your channel has not enough 10,000 views

However, continue to register by clicking on Start. With turning on the monetization, your channel will automatically approval of this function when it has enough 10,000 views.

Next, click on all above items and I accept.

Continue clicking on Start-> Next. Then, you will see an interface as below.

Open a new tab in the same browser. Sign out Gmail 1 and sign in Gmail 2. Then, come back the initial tab. Reset again and click on Sign in.

Look at My website. The link of the channel from Gmail 1 and Gmail 2 had linked to Adsense as the above image.

Then, click on Accept Association.

If you see the above notification, it means that you have successfully linked. Wait a moment, returning to the channel that has the interface as below is OK.

With any channel that you want to link, you can do the same.

If you have any question, comment on below. I will reply as soon as possible.

Wish you success!