How to increase Youtube channel views fast?

The most important and difficult thing of earning money from Youtube is how to increase views in a fastest way. Of course, the more views, the more money you earn.

There are many ways to increase views, but frankly speaking, from my many years of experience in earning money from Youtube, it is very difficult for the beginners self-studying earning money from Youtube to succeed!

There are constantly latest changes, fluctuations and rules released. If you can not catch up with them, you are out-dated. Maybe you consider some contents on Youtube exciting, but you can not succeed because of many changes in rankings you do not know.


The best way to increase views from Youtube you should know

To make money from Youtube, I have studied almost all different courses.The way to increse views fast is a complex issue, but everyone can do it. In this section, I will guide you some basic techniques to grow views. Obviously I can not guide step to step too particularly.

However, I will try to impart the way to increase views as well as I can, as a knowledge to help your making money online easier.

Notice of some below important issues, which decide your success. Now, let’s get started!

1. Specifing your potential hot topic

Your success on Youtube is first decided by your subject and field. If you choose a popular and competitive topic, it means that views will be low and you will fail.

The most important thing of earning money from Youtube with beginners is success. If you have not seen any results in 1-2 months, you will be discouraged and quit. You do not realize that your topic is wrong and highly competitive.

Therefore, in the first time, let’s think thoroughly and get yourself a potential topic. So, what decides a potential topic?


The factors create a potential topic:

+ Share your strong points and the fields you are working

+ Use some tools such as: Keyword planner, trends, to analyze whether your topic is competitive or not, it will be a perfect topic if it is non-compettive and highly interested( in cases it is not your expert)

+  Topics are of high interest but few people take part in

Example:Related to shopping discount and sales, there are quite a few people doing this but the demand is very high, why you do not create a Review Channel for discounted promotional products, which can combine affiliate marketing sales.

+  Unique topics are highly interested but no one take part in


If you make a Youtube channel about life, income, home, car, family of celebrities, it is exactly unique and potential.

It is important that you have to pursue the unique and trending topics for success.

2. The overview topics makes up all and how to choose keywords

If you decide to choose a topic? Is the overview topic hot or not, choose which keywords? Eliminate which keywords?

For instance:

I find that people start making money from Youtube by news. If I start making money from Youtube, I also choose news.

There are many different news, how to know which news is hot or not? If it is a hot news, you will have many views and if not, you will have no views.

The problem is that you have to analyze to find hot news. It is an easy work for you with trends tool.

Choose which keywords or eliminate which keywords in a hot topic? The title determines up to 50% of the video. Keyword with too high competition has no view for not be able to compete with strong opponents. No one looking for the keyword, so it leads to no view.


Consequently, let’s use, Keyword planner and Google trends to have good keywords.

If your channel is new, prestige is not available, you and can not compete due to low sub, you should choose the keyword with low and medium competition to have views.

3. Using smart advertisements

If you look at the new channels that make a big hit, they are investing right from the first video. They invest in running ads focused on the first videos.

1 – 3 - 5-7 is a rarely shared strategy, as follow:

The first video they invested to run the ads, parallel upload 1 more video, this video will pop up during the time video 1 ads run. Video 1 run Google Ads, of course views and subs will increase, video 2 will increase by sponging on the channel suggestions.

Continue to upload video 3 running ads, parallel upload 4 more to propose. Continue with video 5 and 7 running ads.

You have to decide which videos to run ads, it will be watse of money if your videos are not hot or attractive.

Therefore: choose the hot topic, attract video running ads to have a strong attraction. Please choose a new hot topic to run ads, sensational news or hot news from celebrities for example.

It will be a completely failure if your topics is not attractive.

4. Optimizing Channels and SEO Standard Video

Prior to high rankings in Youtube, you need to make your Youtube channel is optimal and friendly. Here is the clear description, structure of the channel layout, the location of the country you want to do ....

Videos which want to be strong must be SEO standards and good SEO. It includes:

+ Seo Onpage : the description, title and tag, thumbnail, video length> 3 minutes, video quality. The video quality here includes audio, images and content, how hot video is, how long the video is viewed per view ...

In addition, Backlink (seo offpage) is used to quickly rank higher on the YouTube search engine, let’s report it immediately to Google with the tool Submit URL

Share video to many places, on the websites, blogs, forums ... anywhere to create strong backlink.


5. Sponge on Suggestions

This strategy is quite effective if you apply well, which will help increase the views very quickly. Normally, to sponge on the best suggestions, you should follow latest videos with the best view growth and stick to it.

On Youtube, you will know which video uploaded in 1h, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. These are good landsmarks to find videos to sponge on.

Relying on Youtube trends, you will have better information. It is one of the best ways to increase views I am current applying.

To sponge on suggestions, your video content need to be almost the same, the title is similar to the video you intend to follow.

6. Using playlist and finish screen

There are many different keywords, so analyze and find out which keywords have low search volume as playlists and make channel with a new gmail, create 100 playlists to seo keywords on your topic.

You can get a video which is rising views of opponent related to your topic to create a playlist, below is your video. This will lead to a significant increase in views.

Finish screen can significantly grow views for certain videos. If you are intended to promote views for a video, let’s put it on finish screen.

Putting relevant videos in the description of other videos in the channel also increases the views strongly.


7. Stand on the giant's shoulders

Standing on the giant's shoulders means that you need to find some related big channels with a certain deal to place your video in the description or on the finish screen.

This is a pretty effective way, and the views and subs will grow faster and more efficiently than running AdWords ads.

8. Quality content and social networks sharing

In order for your video to be viewed more, the content will say it all, if you are making a news video or sharing something about it, let’s make it beautiful and professional. Especially if you make news video in foreign markets, focus on video quality.

Sharing on social networks will help increase views of the videos pretty fast, but if your videos are about a special knowledge, you need to build a brand. Only when you have a brand, you will have a strong view growth when you share it with the community.