How to create a YouTube channel?

To make money on YouTube, the first thing you must have a Gmail account and know how to create a YouTube channel.

A few notes when choosing a Gmail account

The gmail account is as long as possible

The gmail account has never been played on YouTube and never been a dead channel before

If the account is bought, you should confirm that it has been never used to set up the channel ever

First of all, you need to login to your gmail.

Then, you link to whih will have the interface 


Now we are going to create a new channel.

To create a new channel, you must click on the profile icon-> Click on the Gear icon. Next, you click on Create a new channel


Next, you'll set a channel name, select the channel's theme, and click on “Agree to the Pages Terms” section, as shown below. Then Click Finished


Below is the interface of the new created channel

Now we will change Avatar and cover image for the channel. To change Avatar, you click on the black pencil icon and to change Cover image, click on the red box

Channel description below


Change the Avatar and channel name


To change the Avatar, you click on the black pencil icon => Select Edit, select Upload Photo. Here, you can make beautiful channel icon themes you want: a beautiful girl, a cute boy ... Finally, click on Done you will have a beautiful avatar channel icon


Normally, changing the Avatar image takes 2-5 hours to update. You can rename your channel and Avatar image whenever you want. To rename your channel, click on the red pencil as shown above

Change Cover image

To change Cover YouTube image, you click on the Red frame above the Pencil icon. Then, upload the picture.

Note: The image size is 2560x1440 and right viewable centerpiece size is 1546 * 423

At the channel description, you describe 2-5 lines about your channel. Choice to Seo from 2-3 keywords of the channel names to repeat in this description.