How to charge money on YouTube?

To understand how to charge money on YouTube, The Firstly I wants to share that it depends on the different countries, the different themes and different charging methods.

As you know, when you make money on YouTube and as a YouTube partner, you will receive 68% of the ad revenue from your channel. Depending on what ads are, the revenue will be different.

For example:

A client who goes on advertising for real estate, car and insurance will spend more money than advertisers on clothes, and shoes.will

YouTube will pay you more or less depending on the topic you are advertising.

There are many channels, which have hundreds of thousands of views, but they are charged a few dollars, even no dollars? On the other hand, the channels, which just reaches hundreds of views, can get several dozen dollars.

In some case, the channel, which have many views, can just get very little money or even not, it is sure that your advertising topics are not displayed on the video. I also has a channel, which is up to 1 million views, but it is charged for only $2. Show that your monetization does not depend on views, but it depends on how ads appear and clicks on the ads.

Now, we go find out how many seconds to count 1 view?

YouTube has a type of video ads, i.e. the ad will appear before someone watches a video. After 6 seconds, it can skip the ads.

And still counts as 1 view

Normally, YouTube counts as 30 seconds as 1 view or 1/3 of video time is 1 view.

You already understand how much time is calculated 1view. Therefore, 1 view can be charged how much money, and how much YouTube pays for 1,000 views or 1 million views.

How much YouTube pays for 1 view; 1,000 views or 1 million views?

This is the question a lot of people ask!

  How much YouTube pays for 1 view? With 1 view, you will not have any coins, but if only 1 view has 1 click, surely you will earn money? More or less money depends on the current ad on that video, what topic and the click from which country?

How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views?

With a view, you may not have any coins, but with 1,000 views you will have more or less money, the amount is not fixed.

With 1,000 views if no ads appear, there is no money, if the ad appears less, less money as well. And 1,000 views with video length is 1 hour, the revenue will be different from the length of 1 minute.

1,000 views you will have a significant amount of clicks. For foreigners, like the US; 1,000 views are about $1 -3 it can be more depending on the topics. There are a lot of highly competive topics. CPC will be highly value if you make this topic and 1,000 views can be charged more and more, not only $1 or $3.

For example:

1.Insurance: 54,91 USD
2. Loans: 44, 28 USD
3. Mortgage: 47, 12 USD
4. Attorney: 47, 07 USD
5. Credit: 36, 06 USD
6. Lawyer: 42, 51 USD
7. Donate: 42, 02 USD
8. Degree: 40, 61 USD
9. Hosting: 31, 91 USD
10. Claims: 45, 51 USD
11. Conference Call: 42, 05 USD
12. Trading: 33, 19 USD
13. Software: 35, 29 USD
14. Recovery: 42, 03 USD
15. Transfer: 29, 86 USD
16. Gas/Electricity: 54, 62 USD
17. Classes: 35, 04 USD
18. Rehab: 33, 59 USD
19. Treatment: 37, 18 USD
20. Cord Blood: 27, 8 USD


These topics can get high CPC, only 1 click you have earned a few dozen dollars.

Therefore, you understand exactly how to make money on YouTube, there are no accurate ways, all just are relative estimates.

If your topic is violence, sexy . the number of views is up to 1 million views, there is no dollar. Because no ads appear.

Therefore, you see that how much YouTube pays does not depend on the number of views. Not sure that many views can get lot money.

More or less money depends on which country you are? What topics? How often the ad shows, what kinds of ad will show.