How much money YouTube pays for 1 view or 1,000 views?

Making money on YouTube will probably have a lot of wonderings how to receive money? How much YouTube pays for 01 view or 1,000 views?

When you are viewing this article, you are probably wondering how much YouTube pays for 1,000 views or 1 million views?

There are so many questions. Therefore, I decided to write this article very clearly to make you more understandable.

How much YouTube pays for 01 view?

How much YouTube pays for 01 view? It depends on each country which will have different values, may make a lot of money or very little.

For example, if in Philippines, 1 view will be charged differently from one in the US.

If 1 view that has 1 click on the ad, you will have 68% of the money from this ad. However; without a Click is almost no money.

1 view also make money, but this view must convert into advertising, i.e. there is a click on ads.

How much money do you earn for a clickable ad?

If 1 view that clicks on ads, you can make money. Without a click on advertising, there is no money at all.

A click on the ads will depend on the country, on the product or service, and on the topic, you will receive different rates.

Here, I am mentions how much YouTube pays for a view, which has a click on the ads?

For example:

You see advertising on a video that sells clothes; it is about sales off 70%. For example, and you click on the ad which is sales off 70%. When you click on the video, the owner of this clothing shop must pay YouTube an amount of money, assuming that this amount is $ 1, the owner of the YouTube channel will receive $0.68 and YouTube receives $ 0.32

Therefore, if the YouTube channel belongs to you, you will get $ 0.68 for 1 view with 1 click on this ad.

If your friend is watching a video that is your channel, for example, when you are viewing a real estate ad, she is also interested in buying a property and click on ads on your video.

Assuming that the person advertising the real estate project on YouTube pays $ 10/a click on the ad, you will receive $ 6.8 and $ 3.2 is of YouTube


1 clothing product on the video you have people to click on the ads, you will receive less money than the real estate ads. If in the US it is counted by dollar, you will earn many times higher than other countries in the CPC rankings, but may be lower than those with higher CPCs.

How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views?

As analyzed above, 1 view counts based on the clicked ads or not? Therefore, it is the same as 1,000 views; there are no fixed numbers for how much YouTube pays for 1 view or 1000 views.

However, an average estimate of 1,000 views in some foreign countries such as England, Australia, America, South Africa ... is calculated nearly $1, with countries from the 40th position in the Google AdSense rankings are many times lower.

It all depends on whether to click on ads or not? What country? What subject? ...