8 ways to make money on Youtube?

How to Make Money on Youtube is not simply linked to Google Adsense or Network to make money from advertising. I will be share with you 8 ways to make money on Youtube

1. Make Money from Ads linked to Google

Make money from advertising on your video that creates or take another person's video (called Re-up) as a form of affiliation with Google for the same advertising on the Video to share the revenue.

When you link to Google, you will be split 68% of the profits from the ads. Many people are making this common way. Many people have become rich from linking to Google to share the revenue.

I also participates and the profit is not small without having to pay anything.

Do not have to invest any money but can earn extremely much. Therefore, YouTube is always the most attractive way to make money online.

2. Make Money on Youtube from selling products

This way is quite common but not many individuals are aware of this ways. There are two ways:

+ You have a product

Make a Youtube channel specializing in this product.

For example: You are dealing in weight loss pills. Make a Youtube channel to share your knowledge about weight loss and advices on your weight loss product

There are a lot of different ways to lose weight online. Use the Keyword Planner to analyze how many people are looking for weight loss and key words they are searching. Each keyword can use to make a video and the introduction of the weight loss product you are selling.

This is the way I am doing and the sale is also quite good

+ You don’t have a product

If there is no product, please contact any wholesales or shops that sell the same product to share the revenue.

This way is for beginners without capital, no product, initially I also used.

Using the views from Youtube to sell the product is ideal

3. Branding on the Youtube

If you are looking up a way to make a lot of money, learn how to build a brand, Youtube is quite effective, many people will know you.

For example, if I wants to sell more courses, first make videos that share a lot of knowledge, many viewers, and many people who know can make your reputation increase.

I will share more attractive ways to the community.When they see you as an expert, you do not need to sell. In stead they will come to buy, at that time you have the right to sell for a higher price.

At that time you can see Youtube is a effective place to make a lot of money, which helps you build a personal brand.

4. Make money from affiliate marketing

There are many forms of affiliate marketing in  abroad. There are many units you can do affiliate marketing like, amazon, clickbank or Udemy specializing in online courses

You can make a Youtube channel that specializes in promotional products. These companies have given you a lot of different discount codes


With foreign markets, you can make a YouTube channel specializing in how to lose weight and then link to Clickbank to sell products related to weight loss.

Or can sell products on Amazon, mucheye.com,

5. Video rental for advertising

You have a system in which your videos reach a lot of views, assuming that I am sharing about making money online. I am channel has a lot of views every day. And I will let others rent small banners on the videos, which can be attached to the video or to starting time of each video.

This is also a way to help you have a more stable source of income from your video system. However, this method requires you to have a large amount of views.

6. Sell the views to others

If the channel is potential on a certain topic, you can sell views to others to earn more, how to sell the views?

Can set customer's URL in description, end of video, top of your playlist, or tags . The increasing amount of views is how much you make money.

To provide this service, the channel are large and many views, this way helps you earn more money from your channel. Particularly set the video at the end helps increase views so much.


7. Help others increase Sub

Many people need to increase subs, but buying subs is not effective, instead using the YouTube channel is relatively good.

For large channels, sub-channel services are relatively effective. At the end of video, tags or description are also effective ways.

This way will greatly increase subs so much.

8. Selling relevant knowledge

Selling relevant knowledge that is if you are specialized in some areas that can make attractive tutorial video, upload to YouTube and set privacy.

Who wants to watch this video must pay fee? To view this video you have to give the permission.

Alternatively, you create a course in your specialized area is also the way to make money, using YouTube for marketing.