8 fastest ways to increase view on youtube

Make money on Youtube is being concerned about by many people , there are 1000 people who looking to make money on Youtube. It is not need to invest but still having money, so it attracts a large number of people all over the world.

With making money on Youtube, the most important and difficult is how to increase fastest view on youtube. Of course, having more views you will earn a lot money.

Increase View has many different ways, with many years of experience on making money on Youtube I advise you who learn it yourself how to make money on Youtube. It is very difficult to succeed.

There are always changes, the latest changes, the rules always come up if you do not catch up you will be outdated. Maybe the share on Youtube you watch is good but cannot be successful. Because there are many changes in the rank you do not know.

For me, I also want to make money from Youtube in success, almost I have to learn all different courses. The fastest way to increase view on Youtube is not easy to do for anyone. In this article, I will share you some basic tips to increase the speed of view, of course there is no step-by-step instructions from A-Z.

However, I will try to show you in the best way as possible as I can. This is considered a part of knowledge helps you make better money online.

Pay attention to the following important issues, this is very important to your success. Now, let's begin!

1. Identify the potential and hot topic

Topic plays an important role in success of making money Youtube. If you choose a topic which has too many people doing, high competition means no increase view on Youtube and leads to failure.

The most important aspect of earning money for beginners is that have to be successful. If you do 1-2 months without good results, you will feel bored even want to give up. The topic which has high competition is difficult for you to success.

Therefore, you should think carefully about the potential topic initially. What is you base on to choose the potential topic?

Factors that make up a potential topic

+ Please share about your strengths, the field you are operating

+ Use tools such as: Keyword planner, trends, keyword.io .. to analyze whether the topic you intend to do is high competition.  If less competitive and high interest, it is a good topic (if it is not your field of expertise).

+ Topics with high interest but few people do

For example: Relate to discount shopping, quite few people do but the demand is high. Why don't you do the Channel to preview product, a promotional discount, which can combine affiliate marketing sales.

+ The unique idea which no one do but has high interest.


You make a Youtube channel about your life, income, home, car, family of celebrities, it is very potential topic.

Here it's important is you have to follow issue which has the highest interest with less competition, you will succeed.

2. Overview the topic and how to choose keywords

When you decide to choose a topic, you should overview whether the topic is hot. Which keyword should choose, which keyword should not choose.


Most of people start making money on Youtube by doing news video. About the news, there are many different news. If a hot news you do will have a lot of views but if the news is not hot, there is no view.

So, you have to analyze and find out the hot topic. Using the trends tool you will know how to find it easily.

Choose a keyword and named the title of video that decides 50% the success of the video. Keyword with high competition will have no view due to not competing with strong opponents, keyword which no one looking for means no View.

So use Keywordtool.io, Keyword planner and Google trends you will choose good keywords.

If your channel is new, prestige is not available, not has competitive ability due to low Sub, select the keyword with low and medium competition you will have view on your video.

3. Use smart advertising

If you look at the new channels with big views, they are investing from the first video. They focused on invest to run ads for the first videos.

It means 1 - 3 -5-7 this is a strategy which very few people share. As follows:

The first video they invested to run ads, parallel to another video. This video will pop up during first video ad run. Video # 1 running Google Ads of course View and sub will increase, leading to video 2 will increase view by the Channel suggestion.

Continue upload to video # 3 running ads, parallel uploads video 4 to eat suggestions. Continue to video 5 and 7 with the same above.

You have to choose which videos run ads, would be useless money if your videos run ads are not hot, not attractive.

Therefore, have to choose the attract topic, the video running ads have a strong attraction, Please choose a new hot topic to run ads.

It will fail completely if the topic you choose is not really hot.

4. Optimize the channel and video SEO

Before having high rankings on Youtube, you need to make your Youtube channel is optimal, friendly. Here is the clear description, structure of the channel layout, location of the country you want to do....

Videos want to have many views, it must be SEO standards and SEO is good. It includes:

+ Seo Onpage: includes description, title and tag, thumbnail, video length> 3 minutes, video quality. The video quality includes audio, images and content, how video is hot, how long the video is viewed per view ...

In addition, Backlink (seo offpage) is to quickly rank higher on the search engine Youtube, to report to Google immediately with the Submit URL tool. 

Share video to many places like website, blog, forum ... anywhere to create strong backlink.

5. Eat following suggestion

This strategy is quite effective if you apply well, which will help increase the view very quickly. Usually, to eat the best suggestions, follow what videos are up to date with the best view growth. 

On Youtube, you will know the video uploaded in 1h, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. Here are very good milestones to looking for video.

Please rely on Youtube trends you will know better. One of the best ways to increase the current view which I am applying. 

The suggestion of video means your video content is almost the same, the title is similar to the video you intend to follow.

6. Use playlist and screen finish

There are many different keywords, so analyze and find out which keywords have low search volume as playlists. Create a channel on new gmail and create 100 playlists to Seo on your topic. 

It is possible to get a video of opponent rising view related to your topic as a playlist, below is your video. This will lead to a significant increase in views.

Screen finish of video will help significantly increase view. If you are intending to promote view for a video, let this video on the screen finish. 

Put relevant videos in the description of other videos in the channel also increase the view quickly.

7. Stand on the shoulders of giants

Standing on the giant's shoulders means you look for prestigious channel with a certain deal prices to place your video in the description or the end screen.

This is a pretty effective way, and the view and sub will grow faster and more efficiently than running AdWords ads. 

8. Quality of content and social networking sharing

In order to get more views, the content of video have to be good. If you are making a news video or sharing something about it, make it beautiful, professional, especially in foreign markets

Let's focus on video quality.

Sharing on social networks will help increase the amount of views pretty fast, but about professional field, you need to build a brand. Only when have branding you have a amount of views grow strongly when you share it with the community. 


There are many different ways to increase the view, and it is not easy, like the engine of machine. If any part of machine is broken, it will not work.


Increase Youtube view is like too, you have to combine everything together. 8 things I show you above if you combine it together, will increase the view very quickly. Finally, Hope you have a good knowledge from the article. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please comment below, I will support you.