10 tips for an effective newsletter

Each internet user receives an average of 427 marketing email per day, so that your newsletter is to create difference! In fact, if you do not want your newsletter to be thrown in the trash after one click, you must make the followers want to open and read your mail.
Accordingly, first need to know the basics about the newsletter and ensure that each step creating newsletters have been optimized to have a maximum rate of open letters!

Here are 10 tips for an effective newsletter:
Newsletter’s subjects are concise and clear
Subject to synthesize the message you want to convey through the newsletter in a few words. Please write a concise and use a provocative tone or promote curiosity followers through a question. Subject is a first factor affecting your newsletter customers open, so be ware!
You have to introduce yourself
You can use your business name or a slogan to attract the attention of those who watched.
Create a link to the recipient
Please enter the name of a person to the sender! This will help users identify your business network and create a feeling of trust.
Bring useful content to the preheader
This is the first seen in the email, this section particularly strategic for mobile devices. You need to make a compelling content: a link to the mirror page, advertising content or encouraging messages recorded address.
Develop business image in the header or title
This is the introduction to the first image of your business logo or the color presets. This section should be a responsible web designer to match the DNA of your business and attract followers.

Attracting attention with title
This section should have one or two keywords and attract the attention of users and the best network is redirected to a given page of the website by a link hypertexte.
Setting up a structure using headings
Construction of titles short, we will set the texture for your message by addressing the important points.
Image design for newsletter
Adding pictures not only attract the attention of followers but also the professionalism for your message. Moreover, the transmission rate is close to 70%, it is indeed an effective communication tool.
Quality content
Content concise should do, do not let people see information overload in! Please arrange for structured idea, diversification of words, use bullet points to email can be read easily!
Signature field: direct the society
If you want your newsletter have high-rated clicks, don’t forget to attach some links letting customers to keep in touch with you such as: website(s), social network(s), and Call-To-Action.